Customer Relationship management in Multinational Companies of Pakistan

Outside Pakistan we can see multinational companies (diagnostic and research divisions) are performing best services, and making stronger relationships with customers, introducing new business from time to time and constantly maintaining and balancing the bridge between customers and companies itself whether the critical situation. Those critical situations not only for customers, but sometimes affects companies as well.

In Pakistan,  unfortunately most of the companies can’t maintain and balance customer relationships, due to many factors, below some factors such as:

  1. Company’s staff experienced in sales and marketing, but lacking of attitude & behavior.
  2. More respect offered to some of higher business provider customers, but neglecting or showing no interest for lower business customers.
  3. Motivation of staff is fair to good in these companies, but limited for favoritism.
  4. Customer feedback is missing in mostly lower business providers, similarly some companies have vice versa like even a high business provider customer, but not entertained for feedback and other services on time, those companies are having sole distribution for unique products, hence their behavior with customers is poor to very poor.
  5. e) Some companies leave their equipment and products at common places (customer place), and to use those places as a reference for other new customers attractions (in fact their equipment whether functional or not).
  6. f) The rates of the tests or equipment are not fixed, so they have a big range of quoting prices for their products, in this way they make bigger profits, but on the other hand, they lose their profit by offering payment to customer’s reference persons, Government department purchaser committee, accounts and so on……So ultimately customer paid the highest price……would it be legal? Some companies when they lose more profit in such kinds of illegal payments, then they make duplication in their ordered products, equipment parts…how they are cruel to mankind….
  7. Some companies only focus on some of the high business provider customers, which can develop a negative marketing for new customers who don’t have such kind of high business in earlier times. Such kind of high business providing customers dominated to lower business provider customers and with the help of companies trying to cease their business OR some companies offers good services to high business customers but poor services to lower business customers so that they can terminate their business.

And there are many more factors from customer site as well that could affect company’s business and the company’s reputation but are rare.

  1. How to resolve or minimize those factors?
  2. How can we establish good relationship (Customer+Company) either in business loss or profit.
  3. How can we stop third party competitors (high business providing customers) who enforce companies to cease or breach contracts with lower business provider competitors.
  4. Is there any solution to maintain and balance all relationships?

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