Quality System Essentials… How you maintain QS in your laboratory, for the betterment of patient’s health & healthcare services?

The appropriate ordering and interpreting of laboratory tests is an essential element of a physician’s clinical skills. Along with history taking, physical examination, and the thoughtful use of imaging techniques, the clinical laboratory is a major tool in the clinician’s armamentarium. The introduction of sophisticated quality improvement techniques into the clinical arena has evolved substantially in the past decade. It makes sense to integrate the changes that we make in our daily practice of medicine with quality improvement changes in the clinical laboratory in order to maximize the functionality of both areas for the safety and quality of care for our patients.

For running good laboratory standard in clinical labs, thus essential and primary focusing area under the quality systems. The quality system itself play a role as a central dogma of any commercial lab/hospital lab.

What are the steps should be taken to maintain and operational Quality System in every laboratory of your area, for betterment of patient’s health and healthcare services?


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