The Management of Glycemic Control in Associated Disorders


Glycemic control is a very useful parameter for the prevention of the chronic metabolic diseases complications such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular and kidney disease. Glycemic control   management among chronic metabolic diseases has been an area of active research from the past decades. The glycemic index specifies that how fasting blood glucose level is elevated after consuming a high carbohydrate-containing diet. The metabolic studies among the human populations showed that glycemic index is directly related with different chronic metabolic diseases. The sturdiest associations are suggested that the low caloric diet consumption can prevents metabolic complications. Primary and tight glycemic control is compulsory to prevent and reduce the development of vascular complications in individuals with chronic disorders. The aim of this review was to provide a practical guideline   on the bases of the survey of the related key studies which had reflected the clinical guidelines   and current perspectives related to glycemic management. The objective of this review is also to investigate the   interventions, related to glycemic control in patients with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. In conclusion, we can say that multidisciplinary management of glycemic control are powerful measure for the prevention of metabolic diseases complications, providing necessary support for reducing in economic burden of chronic metabolic diseases.

Muhammad Imran, Sumreen Begum, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Kandhro, Nazia Ahmed, Rashida Qasim

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